About the Farm

We are a small family farm that began in late 2007. We started Down to Earth Farm because we believe in the importance of vibrant, local, sustainably-grown agriculture. What we choose to eat, affects our health. Where we get it from affects the health of the local communities and the health of the environment. It affects much more than what you are having for dinner. At our farm, we take to heart very much the principles of organic growing. We put a lot of love and concern in the way we grow things.

Our goal is to grow healthy, delicious veggies in a manner that is gentle on our planet. This means using compost and OMRI listed products instead of chemical fertilizers to feed our plants, using organic potting soil, and fighting bugs and disease with responsible techniques such as crop rotation and regular scouting. We use no chemical pesticides or herbicides.

We grow a wide variety of vegetables that we sell through the Green Market in Neptune Beach or at the Riverside Arts Market seasonally. We also have a small CSA for the ease of a weekly share of fresh food and connection to your farmer.


Owned and operated by Brian and Kristin Lapinski, Down to Earth Farm is nourished by their passion for organic agriculture, healthy living and a healthy earth.